Here we are now.

A week into the Trump presidency, and I find myself creating this new blog to contain my thoughts on where we are. I would say that I’m disappointed, but that’s an understatement on the level of frustration. From the general panic on the Left to the growing denialism on the Right, I find myself seated more and more toward the libertarian and anarchist part of the theater, watching as this plays itself out.

This blog is dedicated to the idea that discourse and discussion has real value. And that there are right and wrong ways of achieving our goals of creating a fair, free and just society; and we can figure those out. It’s also dedicated to the idea that no side has a monopoly on the Truth, but sometimes, one side owns Park Place and Boardwalk while the other players are still trying to buy a single Hotel.

I will be still be maintained my other blog, Fool Reversed, dedicated to my gaming and design pursuits. But here’s where I am putting broader thoughts unrelated to my career and my artistic work.

Let’s do this.

Help spread thought.

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