Suggested Reading

My suggested readings, in case you want to debate with me or understand where I am coming from.

Liberty and Stoicism

I adhere strongly to the stoic tradition, as well as individualism and utilitarian liberty. But I harbor Nietzsche’s cynicism toward the potential of mere words to triumph. I believe that which does not kill us makes us stronger, that death is part of life, and that one should focus on what one can control.


Against Fragility

We are not designed to live comfortably. We are designed to be hurt. Not constantly, not always, but enough to grow. Similarly, our society and government should be designed to rebound and learn from crisis, rather than obsessing with preventing them.

Media Criticism

I believe the motivations of media outlets, even the most mainstream and naively trusted, are suspect in the modern age. Their motivations are not aligned with truth.

Criticism of Academia

I find professional academic discourse deeply flawed, hampered by multiple layers of gatekeeping that prevent open discourse on the most important parts of our lives. I find the institutions themselves backward, placing too much power in the hands of a few politically motivated but not necessarily competent influencers able to make or break the careers of those within. Too many, but thankfully not all or most,  style themselves a new priesthood.


I read the wrong books at the wrong time. I suggest others read them as well.

Help spread thought.